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Marketing as a cause of the global crisis

Alexey Kudrin, Ilmar Rimsevich, Stanley Fisher, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Filat, George Soros. What do you think is common between all these people? No, this is not the six leaders on the Forbes list. All these people are united by talk about what is the cause of the global crisis. They agree that the crisis is a reality and try to understand how to get out of it.

Marketing as a cause of the global crisis

The answer to the question is known. The main cause of the global crisis is marketing. In general, few people see marketing as the cause of the crisis, but it was he who caused it. How? Everything is very simple. In general, the crisis arose because a lack of liquidity arose, in other words, the crisis arose because of a shortage of money. Among other things, this means that an analysis of the business strategy and its modernization under new conditions is necessary.

The shortage of money is directly related to marketing, because money is issued to service transactions for the sale of goods and services. When a lot of goods and services are sold, a lot of money is needed. When it’s not enough, money is needed, respectively. Sales volumes are directly related to marketing. The better marketing works, the more goods and services are sold, and accordingly the more money is needed.

What is the cause of the global crisis
second wave of crisis

For some time, marketing has managed its role 100%. He provided such a sales volume of goods and services, under which a sufficient amount of money was issued. Everything worked like a watch. However, recently marketing has ceased to cope with its role, and this is precisely the reason for the global crisis. Why did this happen? If we consider marketing as something homogeneous, as something invariable, then the answer to the question will not be found.

The situation in the economy has changed, but marketing is not, and for this reason it does not correspond to it and does not cope with its task.

However, given the fact that marketing can change, the answer can be found very quickly and easily, because it lies on the surface. If marketing can change, it means that marketing has not changed enough. The situation in the economy has changed, but marketing is not, and for this reason it does not correspond to it and does not cope with its task.

What kind of changes have occurred in the economy? The answer is obvious – there is a shortage of consumers in the economy, since the volume of sales of goods and services is insufficient. Consumers are simply not enough. There used to be a shortage of goods, but now there is a shortage of consumers. In principle, the occurrence of such a situation is quite logical. Moreover, the shortage of goods was eliminated through marketing.

Is the cause of the global crisis being addressed

When there was an absolute shortage of goods, i.e. when they were lacking in principle, marketing 1.0 was applied. He allowed to resolve this issue. Then came a relative shortage of goods, i.e. shortage of goods that best meet the needs of people. In these conditions, marketing 2.0 was used, which brilliantly coped with its task. Now is the time for noomarketing, which should help solve the problem of consumer shortages.

So, it becomes obvious that the reason for the global crisis is that companies did not timely switch from marketing 1.0 to marketing 2.0

So, it becomes obvious that the reason for the global crisis is that companies did not switch from marketing 1.0 to marketing 2.0 in a timely manner. As a result, they were not able to create the right amount of consumers for themselves. Accordingly, the number of consumers remained at the same level, and in some places decreased, as an example here you can take the car market, it decreased in many countries.

When you constantly read articles about business, you clearly understand that if the number of consumers remains at the same level, then the base for money circulation remains at the same level. However, for the economy it is necessary that the amount of money increase in order to finance the development of industries and the creation of new jobs.

How to eliminate the cause of the global crisis

If you increase the amount of money without increasing the base for their circulation, and the base is the needs of people, then inflation will happen, and it is undesirable to allow it, because it worsens the credibility of money. Bankers will never go to lower the level of confidence in money. If earlier the basis for money circulation was goods and services, the amount of which should have corresponded to the amount of money so that there was no inflation, now the basis is the needs of people.

Without this, further development of the global economy is not possible

The more needs people have, the more opportunities for issuing money, which serve as one of the tools to satisfy these needs. But the trouble is that consumers themselves are not created, someone needs to do this. Once, a large number of consumers were created by nature, but now all natural needs are already satisfied.

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