Semen should have to be thick to have a baby

Even white masturbating a man can understand about the thickness of his sperm when he finds the semen is more with water and light liquid is produced, he has to think about his health care. Even there are labs testing the semen tests and providing the results immediately with the result, the doctor can say, the cells are strong and he could have baby easily. In case the semen is thin and cells are weak the doctor would advice the patient to take the nutrition food and he would suggest red wine, apple and other good vegetables, even coffee and tea is good and they are with the oxidants which is requited more in the body to have the more sperm counts. After consulting the doctor the patient should have to take the right food as prescribed by the doctor, at the same time, many fruits and vegetables are seasonable and they are not available all the time. At the same time medical companies are buying all these fresh fruits and vegetables and cretin the nice tablets and also in the liquid form of the medicine so it is easy for any patients to take the medicine according to the prescription. One patient can have Antioxidants and Semenax for better sperm quality easily with the help of the medicine. There are lot of patients with the above problems are cured completely and they are having baby at their home. In many cases a couple decide their marriage only after getting birth of a child, so the bachelor with the above problem should have to consult the doctor and correct the problem.

In general every family is having the right and nutrition food, in this case man will not have the above problem and the family will produce each year one baby and the family will be a strong family and with many children. When there is no child in the family that family is always with quarrels and misunderstanding all just because that family has no baby. Wish of a lady is only to produce more babies after the marriage when the husband fails to produce baby, that lady is highly disappointed and she will be fighting with her husband even for the simple reasons.